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The X Group, a fully integrated group from "soil to soul" has footprints on every continent. It was established by Gert and Cecilia Landman, who are both from citrus families. The Landman family has a long and rich history in the agriculture and citrus industry of South Africa. In 1956, Gert's father, the late Hertzog Landman, was one of the citrus pioneers in the Letsitele area, which is one of the main citrus production areas in South Africa today.

Citrus Growers South Africa ImageThe X Group has a passionate and energetic team of entrepreneurial partners and leaders on every level of the supply chain from production, packing and logistics to marketing. Our collective wisdom and expertise allows us to be innovative, creative and competitive. With a cooperative and integrated approach, we add tremendous value to our services and products, whilst building long-term sustainability and always keeping our clients' and stakeholders' interests at heart.

Xtreme International, the foundation of The X Group, was established with like-minded growers in the Letsitele, Hoedspruit, Marblehall and Tshipese areas. This partnership between our professional marketing company and passionate, reliable growers allows us to deliver a competitive, quality product to our clients globally.

We are committed to building meaningful and strong relationships with all stakeholders by caring deeply, being open, showing respect, and communicating clearly and promptly. We strive for excellence in all our dealings by relentlessly applying kaizen, discipline and integrity.

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